‘Your Scans Your Stories Your Heritage’ sends a 3D laser scanner on an amazing journey through the British Overseas Territories.

This machine is used by groups of young people to capture 3D portraits, stories and spaces from across the globe. The journey reveals the commonalities and extraordinary differences in the everyday lives, livelihoods, environments, heritage, hopes and expectations from the unique perspectives of young people curating their own visions of some of the most politically contested lands under British sovereignty.

This prototype experience is the result of a collaborative R&D process funded by StoryFutures. As part of this process we conducted an ambitious remote participatory storytelling project with young people from one British Overseas Territory, the Falkland Islands.

With special thanks to: The young people of the Falkland Islands including Nicki, Kimberley, Liam, Kursha, George, Jessica and Marvis. The Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust. The Falkland Island Government, London Office. Dr Alasdair Pinkerton, Department Of Geography, RHUL. Dr Tracy Irish, Education Consultant. StoryFutures including Angela Chan, Kristina Glushkova, Olivia Hinkin, Will Saunders, Dr. Andy Woods and Prof. James Bennett.